Arnold Material Opacity in Autodesk Maya

How to create transparent and reflective materials.

  • Make sure that ‘Rendering’ is selected in the top left dropdown
  • Select the object (Or Objects)
  • Go to Lighting/Shading > Assign New Material, a dialog will open
  • Select ‘Arnold’ in the left column
  • Select ‘aiStandardSurface’ in the right column
  • In the top main menu go to ‘Arnold’ > ‘Arnold RenderView’
  • Then in the RenderView go to ‘Render’ > ‘Run IPR’
  • The attribute editor open and the material will be applied to the object
  • Expand the ‘Geometry’ section
  • Reduce the Opacity slider, you’ll notice that the material opacity changes in the workspace but not in the IPR
  • To fix this:
    – In the attribute editor select the shape node (tab) of the object (eg. pShereShape1)
    – Expand the ‘Arnold’ section
    – Uncheck the ‘Opaque’ checkbox

A few more things

  • Transmissionsection in the attribute editor (Surface node)
    This section outlines HOW light transfers through our material, whereas the opacity outlines how visible the material is.
  • Specularsection in the attribute editor (Surface node)
    This section outlines how REFLECTIONS are handled, slide the IOR slider to see the most obvious effect.