Create Materials in HyperShade in Autodesk Maya

  • Open the HyperShade window (Windows > Rendering Editors > HyperShade)
  • Or by clicking the ball icon with the reflection (Looks like a weird eye), next to the render buttons in the top menu
  • Select the material type in the ‘Create’ section within the HyperShade window, this will create a new material
  • You’ll see that a new material is created, you will see the node appear in the main window (showing the connections)
  • To add additional nodes, click on the checkerboard icon next to the colour select in the attribute editor on the right of the window and select a new node from the ‘Create Render Node’ window that appears
  • Additional nodes can be added by clicking a new one in the ‘Create’ section of the window, however you’ll note that the new node isnt connected to anything
  • You can manually connect nodes in the diagram window, and organise the nodes by dragging them.

Once you have created your new material

Option 1 – From the workspace

  • You can apply the material to an object
  • Select the object (or objects) in the workspace or outliner
  • Alt click and hold to open the floating menu
  • Go to ‘Assign Existing Material’
  • Select the newly created material
  • Then go to ‘Shading’ > ‘Hardware Texturing’ (Or press ‘6’)
  • The new material will now be applied

Option 2 – From HyperShade

  • Select the object (or objects) you want to assign the material to
  • Open the HyperShade (Windows > Rendering Editors > HyperShade)
  • Alt click on the material (at the top)
  • From the floating menu select ‘Assign Material to Selection’