How to scale and repeat a texture in Maya

A quick guide on how to scale and repeat a texture in Maya. We’ll perform a basic example to get the hang of it before applying this technique to your own projects.

  1. Create a basic scene with a plane (rotated 90 degrees) and an Arnold light:

2. Open the hypershade and create the new basic aiStandardSurface, and use a texture as the base colour:

3. Go back to the viewport and enable ‘hardware texturing’ in the shading menu:

4. Press 7 on the keypad to also use all lights, or enable in the menu with ‘Lighting’ > ‘Use All Lights’:

5. Now apply the next texture to the plane we created earlier:

6. Open the hypershade and select the place2dTexture1 node of the material we have created:

7. In the properties increase the ‘Repeat UX’ values:

8. Finally go back to the scene and see the texture repeating:


Important note: Be sure to also apply the same repeat values to the normal, specular and displacement maps if you are using them: