Images as Textures in Autodesk Maya

Applying image textures to objects.

  • Select the object
  • Apply a Lambert material from the ‘Rendering’ shelf
  • In the attribute editor in the colour channel, click the checkerboard
  • In the ‘Create Render Node’ dialog (which should have popped up)
  • Click on ‘File’ in the right side list
  • This will open the ‘File Attributes’ node in the Attribute Editor
  • Click on the file icon in the ‘Image Name’ field, this will open the file explorer
  • Open the ‘sourceImages’ directory in the current project
  • Select the desired image and click ‘Open’
  • In order to see this in the workspace, press ‘6’, or go to ‘Shading’ > ‘Hardware Texturing’

Adjusting Settings

There are lots of settings for the applied texture image. These are all in the attribute editor:

  • Color Balance: Adjust brightness and visibility

There is also a new node (Tab) created in the attribute editor (place2dTexture1), here you can adjust scale and rotation of the image texture.