Maya Falloff Object Example

Learn how to create a falloff object in AutoDesk Maya. See an example and step by step guide to creating a Falloff object mixed with MASH.

Assuming we already have a MASH network created (If not, follow this guide).

Open the MASH Editor ‘MASH’ > ‘MASH Editor’:

Click on the plus (+) icon for our MASH network and select ‘Offset’:

Open the Attribute Editor to see the new offset node:

Change the ‘Offset Scale’ values to -1 for X, Y and Z. This will make our object invisible:

Then scroll down to the ‘Falloff Object’ section, right click in the input area and select ‘Create’:

It doesn’t look like much has happened, right? Continue…

Select the falloff_mash_offset object from the Outliner, then press W on the keyboard to switch to the move tool:

Now move the falloff object and see what happens, our cube re-appears using the falloff effect:

Put the falloff object back to its original position, and with the falloff still selected with the timeline on frame 1 hit ‘s’ on the keyboard to add a keyframe.  Then move to a frame in the future (90 for example), move the falloff object along any axis until our cube appears and hit ‘s’ again to add another keyframe:

Now play the animation to see the effect of mixing a random node, explode utility and a falloff object!