The Ghost Visualize Tool in Maya

The Ghost tool is great for previewing the path of your objects through 3D space.  Let’s set one up and see how it can be used.

Select the object / control object

Open ‘Visualize > Ghost Selected’ and click on the options icon:

This will open the Ghost options:

Global preferences

Use the preferences set in our animation, to review the global settings click on the running man gear icon and select ‘Animation’ from the preferences window that opens:

And the Ghosts settings will be displayed:

Custom Frames

Allows you to define the frames that you want to display a ghosted image for:

Custom Frame Steps

Lets you override values for the same settings as the global animation preferences:


Allows us to add ghosts for either the full length of the time slider or a specific range of frames.

Remove Ghosts

From the visualize menu, select either “Unghost selected” (If you have an object selected), or “Unghost All”: