Using edge loops in Autodesk Maya

Edge loops allow you to add details to your object at points you choose.

  • Edge loops can be easier seen in wireframe mode (Press 4)
  • Select the edge tool
  • Double click on any edge, you will see that selects the edges around the diameter of the object, this is called an EDGE LOOP

Adding Edge Loops

  • Sometimes you may need to add extra edges to an object to add more details.
  • To do this go to Mesh Tools (Top Menu)
  • Select ‘Insert Edge Loop’
  • Click and hold on one of the edges, drag the mouse to preview where the new edge loop will be
  • Release to apply the new edge loop

Offset Edge Loop

  • You can also add new edge loops (2) relative to an existing edge loop, with equal distance between a current loop and the two new ones.
  • To do this select ‘Mesh Tools’ > ‘Offset edge loop’
  • Then click and drag FROM an existing loop
  • This will apply new edge loops at either side of an existing loop with equal offsets
  • Release the mouse button to apply new edge loops