The bevel tool in Autodesk Maya

The Bevel tool is perfect for smoothing an object, or part of an object.

  • Use to smooth out the edges of a model
  • Select the edges you want to smooth (Works best if you select a complete edge)
  • Go to ‘Edit Mesh’ > ‘Bevel’
  • The object will change and a dialog will appear:
    – Fraction: Distance between existing edges and bevel
    – Segments: The number of segments in the bevel, the more segments the rounder the edge
    – Depth: negative values result in an increasingly inverted bevel, positive numbers result in an embossed (or sticky out) bevel.
    – Chamfer: One of the most important options, ON creates a smooth bevel, OFF creates a square bevel (Try this out to understand the effects of each properly)