Creating poly objects in Autodesk Maya

The standard basic shapes are referred to as “Primitives”, including Cube, Cylinder, Sphere.

To create a new object with different settings to the default:

  • In the top menu select “Create > Polygon Primatives”
  • Click on the small square to the right of the desired object name.
  • A new dialog appears with options for creating the object
  • A good example: Create a cube with more height, width and depth divisions.

To edit object settings after placing on workspace:

Using the Attribute Editor

  • Select the object
  • Open the attribute editor
  • Find the tab relating to the desired object
  • Under the collapsable section “<Object name> History”
  • You can make adjustments to width, height, depth and subdivision depths

Using the Channel Box

  • Select the object
  • Open the channel box (Windows > General Editors > Channel Box)
  • Click on the object name under “Inputs” in the Channel box
  • Change object setting from here