How to extrude along a path in Autodesk Maya

There will be times in Maya when we want to create a model using 2 different objects, You can draw a curve, and then extrude a face along that curve.

To understand this, think of a mug, you would have created the cylinder shape of the cup but will need to add the handle.  To do this you would create the handle as a curve, select a face of the cup object at the start of the handle and extrude along the path to create the handle.

Or think of an engine with pipes extruding from the block.  You would create the engine block model, then create the curve.

  • To do this:
    – Draw a curve next to the model where you would like the extrusion to follow.
    – Select the model first
    – Then select the curve
    – Go to ‘Edit Mesh’ > ‘Extrude’ (CMD + E)
  • If it does not look right, you may need to increase the divisions, do this in the dialog box that appears once you apply the extrude tool.