How to mirror meshes in Autodesk Maya

Useful when creating against a reference image, you’ll only need to model half of the object (assuming it has symmetry)

  • To use:
    – Select the model you want to mirror
    – Select the faces on the edge of your model that you want to be connected to the mirrored version
    – Delete these faces (You will merge these with the mirrored model to create a new, single model)
    – Select the model again in object mode
    – Click ‘Mesh’ > ‘Mirror’ (Main, top navigation)
    – Adjust the settings:
      + Cut Geometry (Tick)
      + Set Axis position and Mirror Axis (May take some trial and error if the desired merge edge is not aligned with the world axis)
      + Set the merge settings (Merge with original etc…)
      + Border: This is the edge that you want to merge.  
  • Click ‘Mirror’
  • You should now see 1 single, merged model.