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Layers in Autodesk Maya

Layers panel is found under the channels box (Windows > General Editors > Channel box/layer editor)

– Select objects in either the viewport or the outliner

– In the layers panel select Layers > Create layer from selected

– The new layer will appear in the list

  • Double click the layer name to rename or change colour reference
  • Click on the small ‘V’ icon to the left of the name in the layers panel to hide that layer
  • Click on the small ‘P’ icon to 
  • Click on the additional button (Blank, T, R) to:

– T: Object is transparent, but not editable or selectable

– R: Object is rendered, but not editable or selectable

Add objects to an empty layer

  • Create an empty layer (Layers > Create empty layer)
  • Select the objects you want to add to this layer, either in the outliner or viewport
  • Right click on the new layer
  • Select ‘Add selected objects’

Select all objects in a layer

  • Right click on a layer
  • Click ’Select Objects’
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