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Grouping Objects in Autodesk Maya

Grouping is another way to create a hierarchy. Except there is no parent element as above, you create a group and in the outliner you see a new folder, for example you may have a ‘furniture’ group, and within it you have ‘chair’, ’table’ and ’sofa’, these don’t form a new object but are a category of object.

  • Open the outliner (windows > outliner)
  • Select the objects you want to group (SHIFT+CLICK for range or CMD+CLICK for specific objects)
  • Now either go to Edit > Group or press CMD+G
  • Creates a group in the outliner
  • You can rename this group by double clicking on it
  • Readjust the pivot point by pressing W (move tool), then D
  • Or centre the pivot point for the group by selecting the group in the outliner then modify > center pivot
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