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Scene Management in Autodesk Maya

The Outliner is used to organize a scene.  it can be accessed by selecting Windows > Outliner.

  • Initially a floating menu but can be docked into the interface by dragging to the desired location.  This new layout could be saved as a workspace.
  • Contains an entry for all objects within a scene, this includes cameras and perspectives.
  • You can select objects by clicking them in the outliner.
  • You can rename objects by double clicking on them.
  • Multiple objects can be selected by holding CMD and clicking each object.
  • Likewise to select a range of object (several positioned in a sequence), hold shift and select the objects
  • Objects with a plus symbol (+) are an object made up of smaller sub-objects, which can be selected from this menu.
  • You can filter out what is displayed by searching for an object using the search box (at the top of this menu)
  • You can also limit the type of objects which are displayed by clicking ’show’ > Objects > and checking the types of objects you wish to see.
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