Render View Window in Autodesk Maya

This helps with finalising the rendered scene. To open the render view click on the render button with the eye on it.

Render View Window

  • The render icon which is just the movie thing will render the current frame
  • To re-render only a certain region, click and hold in the rendered image (You may need to click on the button in the menu – Immediately next to the render single frame icon)
  • The next button along is the snapshot button, this allows us to save an image to our computer of the render
  • Render Sequence: Allows us to render multiple frames or an animation
  • IPR: You can enable this, and each time you make an update in the workspace to a model or values the changes will be updated in the render view
  • You also access the render setting from this window by clicking on the button with the gear icon in the bottom right
  • If you want to compare images click on the ‘Keep image’ icon (picture of an image), each time you perform a new render the previous image will be preserved, and accessible via the slider at the bottom of the render view window
  • There are also exposure and colour contrast sliders in this window