Select polygonal object components in Autodesk Maya

When you start to model in Maya, you start with a basic shape and model into the shape or object that you want.  This can often be done by adding more detail to our models.

Adding more details or sub-divisions to an object increases the poly count, this can have performance effects.  A good example is the balance between detail and performance when creating a character for a video game for a system.

There are 3 different components we can use to modify our shapes:

  1. Vertex

– Click on one vertex, then hold SHIFT and double click another next to/above/below the 1st to select a vertex loop.

  1. Edges

– Double clicking on an edge will select the entire edge loop (An edge that goes all the way around your object).

– You can select multiple edge loops by holding SHIFT and double clicking any other required edge.

  1. Faces

– Face loops can be selected by clicking on a face, holding SHIFT and double clicking another connecting face.

When selecting each of the above, you can use SHIFT to select a range, saves clicking each individual one.