How to merge objects in Autodesk Maya

Merge allows you to merge 2 objects together, not much more to say!

  • Select the 2 objects you want to merge (For example connecting a head to a torso, or a pipe to a machine, scenarios where merging is required but mirroring won’t work)
  • Delete the faces on both models where you want to perform the merge, you should only be merging vertices, faces will be automatically created
  • Select both objects and combine – ‘Mesh’ > ‘Combine’
  • Enable the ‘Snap to point’ tool (Magnet with a dot, top menu)
  • Enter the Vertices select mode
  • Grab each of the vertices from one object and connect them to the desired vertices on the other, they will snap together (However they aren’t yet connected)
  • Select the connected vertices and go to ‘Edit Mesh’ > ‘Merge’
  • In the dialog the Distance Threshold means vertices within this distance will merge.

A quicker way to Merge meshes

  • Select both objects
  • Combine the meshes (‘Mesh’ > ‘Combine’)
  • Change to Vertices or edges mode (Works on both)
  • Go to ‘Mesh Tools’ > ‘Target Weld’
  • Select a vertex and move it to the target vertex
  • It will snap and merge at the same time