Cameras in Autodesk Maya

To create a camera:

  • ‘Create’ > ‘Cameras’ > ‘Camera and aim’
    Allows us to create a camera and specify a target (Much like using the manipulator tool to aim a spotlight)
  • ‘Create’ > ‘Cameras’ > ‘Camera’
    Place a new camera in the workspace
  • ‘Create ‘ > ‘Cameras’ > ‘Camera, Aim and up’
    Same as camera and aim but also give us a tilt option

To look through a new added camera

  • Select the camera
  • Go to ‘Panels’ > ‘Perspective’ > ‘Camera 1’ (Or whatever you call the camera)

Camera Settings (Attribute Editor)

  • Select the camera
  • Open the attribute editor
  • Angle of view and focal length are linked.  The higher the focal length, the less the angle of view and vice versa
  • Focal length: Essentially the lens
    Note: 16mm is a wide angle lens (35mm is the default)
  • ‘Film Back’ section : experiment with the presets
  • ‘Depth of Field’ section: For blurring out some of the objects in the background (Works with default Maya renderer but may not work with some others so check)